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Composer, Producer, and Sound Designer



My name is Jacob Stafford Miller and I am a composer/sound designer based in Seattle, USA.   I love creating immersive soundscapes with analog synths, conjuring an orchestra for your epic hero's journey, and underscoring emotional moments.

After many years of working in Los Angeles, I am happy to now call Seattle my home!

Game Music Assets

Discovery on Planet X

Lagoon Shores

Mythical Battlegrounds

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Check out my latest music and in-progress work!



deep seeded new cover 1.1.png

DEEP SEEDED is a bite sized metroidvania concept where you take control of two Seedlings, each fighting their way to The Great Tree which has been assailed by an unknown blight.  Explore a decaying forest collecting spiritual dew, and make your way back to The Great Tree to water its dying roots.  

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